Would You Spend $8 and 2 hours, to Make $5000 More a Year?

Then Read–Negotiating Your Salary: How To Make $1000 a Minute

I’m going to do a book review (I know, yawn, but this one will only take 2 hours to read and will add big bucks to your salary!) as one of my first posts, because a specific book gave me big help when I first changed from an job that paid by the hour, to a salaried position. When you move up to the “big leagues”, you have to remember that the guy (or girl) in charge of your pay, has been here before. They have a lot more experience in this stuff, than you do. So, arm your self with some skills man! A friend gave me this book right before I accepted my first salaried position. They were offering $35,000 a year, but before I accepted I read this book. I went back to them and got $38,000! So, a $10 book made me $3,000! Would you give me $10 to get paid $3,000. YOU BET YOU WOULD!

Negotiating Your Salary: How To Make $1000 a Minute
This book has real-world info on how to negotiate your salary like a pro.  Whether you are loud and forceful, or have a quiet personality, this book gives you tips on getting it right.  It also has good info on negotiating a raise, if you already took the job, before you read this book.  Read it, you can thank me later.


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