While looking through articles related to how well you can live on $35,000 a year, I came across this article on Financial Post. It’s worth a minute of your time, because it turns out that yeah, you can be pretty happy on a little dough.  Sometimes, that’s all that we have.  The funny thing is, once you break the mental barrier that makes you think “$XX,000” is all you can make, you’ll find your salary keeps climbing.  Then, after a while, you’ll start to wonder “if it’s all worth it”.  Short answer is, “No Dumbass, working for more “stuff” is a waste of life.  You are going to die someday sooner than you think”.

So, at what point do you stop pushing and start living.  Turns out that a lot of people have studied this.  $75,000 is the number everyone quotes, where you don’t get much happier despite a pay increase.  That’s not a small amount of cash for a LOT of us.  Plus, it’s largely wrong. It’s based on an average of figures, from across the U.S.  Very few of us divide our work time across 50 states. You can check out a great article about it here.  It’s a little tedious to read, so I’ll sum it up here: The bad news is, if you live in Hawaii, it will take $122,000 before more money doesn’t add to your happiness.  If you live in Mississippi, you are living like Boss Hogg (yeah, I know he was from TN) for $65K.  If you ask me, as long as I had enough money for food and a beach shack, it wouldn’t matter what I earned if I lived in Hawaii………Which is better, driving a Mercedes in Pittsburgh in February, or riding your bike in Hawaii.   Different things to different people.


But, here is the secret that is your reward for reading this far: Income has LITTLE to do with happiness.  What bums people out and makes them feel gloomy is DEBT.  Yep, good ol’ American 120-days-to-pay-easy-credit-I’m-pounding-you-over-a-barrel-DEBT  Avoid the debt and you’ll worry less about what you are earning.  You can read about it here.

Guys, if you want to know how much you need to earn before SHE’S happy, you are asking a different question altogether 😉