35000 is just the starting point!

35000 is just the starting point!

If your Annual Salary is:                      Your Hourly Wage is:

$5,000                                                         $2.40
$10,000                                                       $4.81
$15,000                                                       $7.21
$20,000                                                      $9.62
$25,000                                                      $12.02

$30,000                                                      $14.42
$35,000                                                      $16.83
$40,000                                                     $19.23
$45,000                                                     $21.63
$50,000                                                     $24.04
$55,000                                                     $26.44
$60,000                                                     $28.85
$65,000                                                     $31.25
$70,000                                                     $33.65
$75,000                                                     $36.06
$80,000                                                     $38.46
$85,000                                                     $40.87
$90,000                                                     $43.27

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Oh, and if you want to know how much you make a week at $35,000 a year, just divide by 52….so, $673/wk.  C’mon, you can do better!  Read on and learn how!

Hiring a recruiter (also known as a Headhunter) is a great way to boost your salary and find a new job.

Once available only to wealthy executives, professional recruiters are becoming the fastest path to finding a new job. Whether your are a CEO or a Plumber, you can find the big bucks faster by using a recruiter.  Large and small companies hire recruiters to find new employees.  This saves the company vast amounts of time that would be spent sifting through resumes and conducting interviews.  Because the recruiter wants to protect their reputation, they generally only send the best candidates.  Unfortunately, this means that if you are the guy or gal looking for a job, your resume may never be viewed if you send it directly to the company you are interested in.

But did you know you can hire your own headhunter?

When a company works through a recruiter, they pay the bill for the service.  So when you “hire” a headhunter, you may not actually have to pay them.  They are interested in finding more people for the companies that use and pay them.  According to a great article on US News & World Report:

“When you learn about a recruiter you may want to work with, reach out directly to him or her. “I love a phone call, because it shows that a candidate is truly motivated,” Schueneman says. “We can’t want it more for them than they want it for themselves.”

Find an Employment Recruiter and send THEM your resume, followed by a phone call.  Since a recruiter has probably placed dozens of people in your field, they also have a better idea of what your new job should pay.  A prospective employer is less likely to lowball the salary, because the recruiter can call B.S.  If you’d like to learn more about putting a recruiter to work for you, check out this short and informative article:

Here’s the Article on US News & World Report

A Laptop for $150?  The Acer Chromebook does the Job!

A Chromebook for $150

If you are looking for a job in the modern world, a good “laptop” is essential!  You are going to need to update your resume, email prospective employers, and search the popular job hunting sites.  A Chromebook is a laptop computer that stores everything in the cloud.  That means, if your laptop ever gets stolen or damaged, you won’t lose anything.  Just sign in to your replacement Chromebook and everything is instantly available.

I’ve been using a Chromebook for over two years and find that it can do everything I need. It also boots instantly, and runs all day on a charge.  This Acer has a bright and easy to read screen.  It weighs in at only 2.4 pounds and has a nice full-size keyboard.  All you need is wi-fi or a hotspot (available on most smart phones) to work from anywhere and 100 GB of storage is included on Google Drive.  Hard to go wrong!

There is no need to buy additional software because it is virus proof and the built in applications allow you to prepare documents, spreadsheets, presentations, etc.  Then, you can print from the Chromebook.  If you have a cloud compatible printer, you can even print documents out at home or the office, while you are somewhere else.  8+ hours of battery life means that you can search for your new career, submit resumes, and even teleconference!  For about $150 bucks, this laptop does it all.  Clicking on the picture will bring you to Amazon*, for their latest price, shipped to your door.


Acer Laptop for under $150

the $150 Laptop


16 GB
Intel HD Graphics


*using our Amazon link will not cost you a penny more, but Amazon will give us a few pennies to keep the site running, if you buy something.  Thanks!


It may seem obvious, but the number of job offers you get is directly proportional to the number of interviews you get.  You can’t get a job offer if you don’t get the interview.  But what few people realize is that it is often the Cover Letter that gets you the interview, not the resume’.  Often, one sentence makes all the difference!  This is your chance to make a “good impression” on the gatekeeper/boss, so that they will call you in for a one-on-one interview.  Before the pay increases, before the job offer, before the interview, comes the cover letter.

A Great Cover Letter is Required if You Want to Be on Top of the Pile!

A Great Cover Letter is Required if You Want to Be on Top of the Pile!

Your cover letter needs to stand out among all the people that applied.  Think about it; if they are applying for the same job, then they must have skills that are similar to yours.  You might get a chance to talk to the boss and convince him that you are the best guy or girl for the job……but you probably won’t.  That’s because the gatekeeper only has so much time to read resumes and grant interviews.  If you were doing the hiring, would you interview ALL 100 candidates that applied?  Of course not.  You would pick those that stand out from the crowd and the number one way to do that is…..you guessed it, a killer cover letter.  

Rather than write my own book on the subject, I’ve found a great source for writing the perfect cover letter that will get you that interview.    Jimmy Sweeney is an expert at writing cover letters and I’ve asked that he put together a video for readers of this blog.  Check it out at the link below and learn how you can get more interviews for that big career move!


I'm Not a Union Guy, but it's OK if you are.

I’m Not a Union Guy, but it’s OK if you are.

Should I join a Union?

It’s one of the things that I get asked the most.  It’s also fairly politically charged question.  Should I join a Union (or find a Union job), or go it as an employee-at-will?  Am I better off without the Union?  Should I be shielded from that a-hole boss, or try to stand out for my exceptional skills?  I’ve got my own opinions, but they are biased–just like everyone else.  So, I searched out articles that give as un-biased an evaluation as I could find.  This article on Bankrate.com does a pretty good job of giving the pros and cons, in two pages. 

So you’ve accepted a new job at $35,000 a year and figured out how much that is per hour.  But is your new employer paying you enough?  Use Monster to find what similar jobs are paying.

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